Ordering Oysters
Oyster Box

How To Order Details

Good things come to those who wait.

We will be taking orders soon! Give us your email, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to start shipping.

Customers outside of Ontario:
Rodney’s Oyster Depot will handle all orders directly.
Please contact us at:
(902) 675 3388
(902) 314 9927 cell
Open Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm - Atlantic Time Zone

Ontario customers:
Rodney’s Oyster House will handle all Ontario orders.
You can use the money you save on freight costs for knives, sauces, etc.!
Please contact us at:
Phone: (416) 363-8105

Payment methods:
Visa, Master Card, Amex
E-Interact transfer
Commercial Invoice on credit approval
Pricing, plus shipping cost is available on request

Each Branded Rodney's Oyster Depot box contains:

King 75 pieces
Queen 100 pieces
Prince 125-150 pieces
Duke 125-150 pieces
Peasant   150 pieces

Shipping and Delivery:

We are in the Atlantic Time Zone, but we run on Mother Nature’s schedule. Our season is from May to November, and weather, tides and inventory can all influence our shipping schedules. Contact us in advance to discuss your needs, and we’ll plan to deliver your delicious oysters when you need them!

Oysters are packed in lined waxed box, without ice, as delivery is refrigerated from depot to customer. Please allow 24-72 hours for shipping within Canada Contact us regarding international shipping, as solutions vary based on customs requirements.

Care and Handling:

Oysters should be refrigerated and eaten within 24 hours of receipt. Place them cups down to preserve liquor when placing on display and especially after shucking.

How to Shuck An Oyster.