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Amphibious Vehicle Oysters In Water Oyster Bed

Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island is where Rodney’s Oyster Depot works with nature to cultivate and harvest high-quality oysters to be shipped worldwide.

Located in Queens County in the central portion of Prince Edward Island, Nine Mile Creek is truly an unspoiled water paradise. PEI is as much about who we are as where we are from. Smooth warm sand, red sandstone cliffs, soft blue sky, and white-capped waves on eleven hundred kilometres of shoreline. Rodney’s Oyster Depot is the culmination of 30 years of toil, passion, and a belief in bringing the world a true artisanal oyster, with a touch of Maritime hospitality, warmth, and work ethic.

Our wetlands are uniquely located between a sandbar and a windbreak, serving not only to protect our oysters, but supporting a vast array of wildlife including Bald Eagles, Osprey, Seals, Great Blue Heron and numerous species of waterfowl.

Harvesting Oysters

How to order

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Shipping & Delivery

Oysters are packed in lined waxed box, without ice, as delivery is refrigerated from depot to customer. Please allow 24-72 hours for shipping within Canada

Please contact us regarding international shipping, as solutions vary based on customs requirements.

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