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There are two natures you can never control, but if you work closely enough with Mother Nature, and human nature, you can produce a true, artisanal oyster. We understand the Oyster and take a hands-on approach to assisting it in its growth journey. Our methods help yield a traditional larger sizing, with an eye to consistency of shape, high meat yields and the distinctive Rodney's Oyster Depot flavour.

Working with nature means stewardship, public support, passion and a caring. A true artisanal approach means we are on the water every day, and we touch our Oysters more by hand than by machine in a system that reaps consistencies unseen in bottom culture oysters. This is a fresh, modern method of cultivating and harvesting oysters and the result of this passion is evident in the product that finds its way to your table. We see the Oyster as a crop in a watery field; each one an individual that needs to be tended and nurtured and understood.

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How to order

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Shipping & Delivery

Oysters are packed in lined waxed box, without ice, as delivery is refrigerated from depot to customer. Please allow 24-72 hours for shipping within Canada

Please contact us regarding international shipping, as solutions vary based on customs requirements.

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