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Oysters grow up to half-an-inch a year, change sexes, and produce millions of offspring annually. Oh, and they are delicious. Oysters are a good source of low fat protein, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and D, and recent studies have shown there may be some scientific basis for calling oysters aphrodisiacs. Rodney's Oyster Depot only sells one kind of oyster – the Crassostrea Virginica – indigenous to the Atlanitic side of North America. We are very strict with our harvesting guidelines, ensuring shell sizes that will enhance the meat to shell ratio, and allow a consistent count that translates to value to cost:

King 4” to 5”
Queen 3.5” to 4”
Prince 3” to 3.5”
Duke 3” to 4”
Peasant   standard

Oyster knife

How to order

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Shipping & Delivery

Oysters are packed in lined waxed box, without ice, as delivery is refrigerated from depot to customer. Please allow 24-72 hours for shipping within Canada

Please contact us regarding international shipping, as solutions vary based on customs requirements.

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